Curing Corporate Short-Termism

Featured Guest: Gregory Milano

A leader’s lust for short-term profit often means pulling tomorrow’s results into today’s reports. Those intentions may be well-meaning, intending to please shareholders and the board. But they can result in bankrupting the future. After all, if you’re crediting next quarter’s returns into this quarter, how will you make next quarter look as appealing? It’s unsustainable.

In his new book, Curing Corporate Short-Termism, Gregory Milano guides senior managers who want to encourage more investment in the future of their companies. Many corporate practices are counterproductive, creating stiff headwinds for managers trying to grow their business. The solution: a culture of ownership. When you see yourself as the owner of the company, your decisions change; the long-term becomes more important.

Gregory discusses the dangers of short-termism and the tools to overcome it with host Maureen Metcalf – and how these principles produce long-term value that benefits not just the organization’s shareholders, but all of its many stakeholders…including society at large.

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