Deep Tech: Demystifying the Breakthrough Technologies

Featured Guest: Eric Redmond

Deep tech describes capabilities that were impossible yesterday, barely feasible today, but tomorrow will be so pervasive it will be hard to imagine we ever lived without it. In this early stage of the digital age, understanding how deep tech is disrupting the world is no longer a competitive advantage — it’s a matter of survival.  Eric Redmond joins us to discuss his new book, Deep Tech: Demystifying the Breakthrough Technologies That Will Revolutionize Everything.

Eric know of what he speaks; he’s the Forrest Gump of technology: a twenty-year veteran technologist who always happens to show up where deep tech history is being made, from the first iPhone apps to Bitcoin. He has advised state and national governments, Fortune 100 companies, and groups as varied as the World Economic Forum and MIT Media Lab.


Eric Redmond

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