Dispensing Wellness: Walgreens’ Rx for Healthcare

Season 10 Episode 7

Guest: John Driscoll, President of U.S. Healthcare and EVP, Walgreens Boots Alliance

What’s the surest way people will follow you into battle? Show you care — about them and their families.


That’s a major lesson John Driscoll learned in the Army…and it’s served him well in the private sector, including his current role at Walgreens, where he’s focused on improving service to patients in the healthcare industry. John shares his leadership insights, and the need to focus on healthcare leadership, in this episode.

Here’s what John and Maureen cover:

  1. Why genuinely caring for your team is a top leadership priority — especially in high-stress situations;
  2. How American healthcare is one of, if not THE, most inconvenient services in the country; and
  3. John’s proven techniques for moving your team through traumatic experiences.


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