Driving Transformation Success Requires A Trustworthy Leader

Guest: Michael Sayre

As part of the executive insight series, I invited Mike because he has transformed several companies – mostly building for sale-exit. He is known for his ethical and caring approach to driving results over the past decades. In a time where people struggle to finding their own approach – Mike has lived his values and delivered strong results. Mike will discuss: 1. His approach to transformation across multiple industries 2. Common themes 3. Leadership qualities required for successful transformation 4. His collaboration on the Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations – award winning guide 5. Key take-aways from his recent executive roles Mike provides great insight into what has made him successful. While a leader who is behind the scenes rather than grabbing credit – he is the quiet and stable force that ensures difficult challenges are resolved and companies thrive.


Michael Sayre

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Executive insight series, Transformation, Leadership qualities, Caring approach, Ethical approach