Economies of Skill: Moving to a Skills-Based Team

Season 10 Episode 13

Guest: Brian Richardson, Founder/CEO of Richardson Consulting Group

How talented is your team?

Without a skills-based system, you may never know…and never tap into the full potential your organization has. But companies that look at skills know who has the talent to best get the job done – and who can develop and grow to obtain those skills.

That’s the message guest Brian Richardson, the founder and CEO of RSG, brings to host Maureen Metcalf in this episode. He shares tips and cases of businesses that uncovered the game-changing potential of aligning skills with company goals.

Here’s what Brian and Maureen cover:

  1. The concept of internal talent mobility;
  2. How skills-based systems maximize employee potential; and
  3. Ways to leverage AI for personalized work experiences, helping staff unlock new levels of engagement and job satisfaction.

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