Employee-Centric Leadership: A Leader’s Food for Thought

Guest: Heather Krentler

Employees want to be heard. They want to know their employer wants the best for them. Continental Services heard – and worked hard to innovate their company culture to fully focus on the employee journey.  Heather Krentler, Continental’s chief administrative officer, joins host Maureen Metcalf to explore Continental’s employee-led culture and how it came to be; the changes made not just to engagement, but sourcing the best talent in the first place; and how leaders embraced the new employee-centric culture.  The results have been remarkable: a happy staff really does lead to a pleasant bottom line!

Here’s what Heather and Maureen cover:

  • How part of the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting stem from people – your staff – asserting more control over their lives;
  • Why compensation doesn’t cut it as the only benefit to retain a valuable employee; and
  • Why the best ideas tend to come from the front line, not the back office.

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Heather Krentler

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