Empowerment: A Significant Key to Engagement and Results

Guest: Linda Patten

Empowerment is foundational to employee engagement. We have been talking about it for over a decade and yet, many leaders are unclear about how to use it and still maintain accountability and responsibility to drive results. During this interview, Linda and Maureen will talk about empowerment basics then move into the nuances of how to empower people to drive better results rather than abdicating responsibility. This has been a long term question of balance for many leaders. During the discussion, we will explore: 1) How do you define empowerment? 2) Why is empowering others such a key skill in leadership and growing a movement? 3) How does empowerment help us navigate an environment subjected to significant change and disruption? 4) What makes empowering others such a challenge for the leader? Why do leaders fail to empower others? 6) What are the essential skills needed to empower others? 8) What are 3 key tips to empowerment?


Linda Patten

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Board Leadership, Developmental Perspectives, Innovative Leadership, Leadership Development, VUCA and Disruption


Empowerment, Leadership, Balance in leadership, Disruption, Leadership failures