Exec Insights: Dwight Smith Shares Experiences and ‘Special Word’

Guest: Dwight Smith

Dwight has achieved a great level of success as a leader running a company and sitting on several high-profile boards. He shares how his vision and values helped him achieve his success across a broad range of organizations. He discussed how he moved through his career and who helped him accomplish this success. His humility is a trait that stands out as a key factor enabling him to build the trust necessary for successful leaders. He shares what he looks for in emerging leaders and leaders when he is making hiring and succession decisions as well as when he mentors the next generation of leaders. In the final segment He talks about a program very important to him, My Special Word, designed for the children who will be our future leaders and workforce. His values extend beyond his current roles, they pervade all of his actions in his corporate life, his board work and in his high impact volunteer work that will extend to children around the world!


Dwight Smith

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