Executive Insights: Lessons Learned from a High Impact Career

Guest: Carla Paonessa

As part of the executive insight series, I invited Carla to talk about her ongoing impact in innovating organizations from the employee level, leadership level and board level. As we talk about how leaders innovate themselves and their organizations, Carla is one of the people I look to share significant insight! I consider her my model. • How did you get started with your career? • You were an early woman in a male focused industry – can you give us some insight about how you navigated this situation? What factors allowed you to blaze trails for people like me who followed and had an easier time because of your work • You were one of the key founders of the Change Management and Leadership practice at Accenture please share some thoughts about how you helped facilitate the innovation of that practice. • You retired from Accenture and moved on to the next phase of your career and you now serve on several boards including LeaderShape. What guidance can you share?


Carla Paonessa

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