From Banding to Branding: How the Wisdom of Rock n Roll Taught Me the Artful Discipline of Leadership

Guest: Brad Circone

Brad brings his artistic finesse and strong intellect together to help companies build brands that matter. In the crowded field of branding, social media proliferation and the dizzying pace of new platforms that promise to solve business marketing problems. Brad talks about how to make sense of these trends and amplify your business presence thereby allowing you to accomplish your organizations mission and vision. Brad shares his unique concept of “Banding to Branding” revealing the innovative leadership strategies of art (expressive), intuition (emotional), and study (gap-finding) that he utilized in capturing a multi-million dollar recording contract with Geffen Records, and later, successfully parlayed this into the Midwest’s first, brand-only Agency which transforms organizations and their leaders through the discipline of brand and the wisdom of rock-roll. The discussion will challenge you to re-shape your organizational perspective through the power of brand leadership.


Brad Circone

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Innovative leadership strategies, Branding, Strong intellect, Transform organizations, New platforms