Getting on Code: Leaders Walk Their Talk

Guests: Ricky Robinson & Keith Powell

Season: 9    Episode: 25

Are you on code?

“On code” is like authenticity on steroids: as a leader you not only walk the talk, but give back, bring others along (mentor and sponsor), and fight for change when you see inequity. Being on code can be tough; after all, as guest Ricky Robinson points out, “In reality, most organizations don’t want you to be your authentic self.”


But fear not; Ricky and Keith Powell, the founders of C-CRETS, join host Maureen Metcalf to explain the many ways of getting on code…and the many benefits it presents.

Here’s what Keith, Ricky, and Maureen cover:

  1. How being on code can help you win the war for talent;
  2. What the concept of Village Accountability is all about; and
  3. The very real importance of DEI in AI.


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