Hiring for Keeps: The Rise of Recruiter.com

Featured Guest: Evan Sohn

Having trouble filling positions? Brace yourself: the Great Resignation is morphing into the Job Hopper Economy. Evan Sohn, the CEO of Recruiter.com, is in a unique position to see beyond the simplistic explanations of TV pundits. He joins host Maureen Metcalf to share his big-picture view of the state of hiring today…and where it will be tomorrow. Lesson 1: “Money solves all problems” is a pre-pandemic thought that no longer applies. Employees are looking further; in addition to equitable pay, they’re looking for meaningful benefits and companies with conscience. They want their hard work to contribute to more than this quarter’s P&L statement. And they’re willing to hop to the jobs that provide it. Or they job hop to maintain personal freedom and engagement. Whatever the reasons, the talent pool is changing – and your hiring and work culture need to change with it. Evan explains how, as he provides the history of Recruiter.com.


Evan Sohn

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