Honored Feathers Of Wisdom: Attributes For Personal And Organizational Growth

Guest: Dr. Bob Boggs

As part of the thought leader series, Dr. Boggs shares information from his book “Honored Feathers of Wisdom: Attributes For Personal and Organizational Growth”. Dr. Boggs draws from the Native American heritage to identify these traits. This book is a great reminder of the nuanced traits of leaders. Bob focuses on how being a wise person results in better leadership. Bob and Maureen discuss the following topics among many others: 1. Why do you draw from Indian Chiefs as a foundation for your book? 2. What is the pathway to wisdom? 3. Why do we care about wisdom for leaders – isn’t success measured just by results? 4. Leaders need to be intellectually “smart” but why do they need to balance their intellect with emotion? 5. You talked about Chiefs it looks like they had influence but not command and control power – what was their role? 6. How can we pull from what Chiefs did long ago and apply it to today?


Dr. Bob Boggs

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