How Do Leaders Live In Possibility?

Guest: Paul Pyrz

As part of the executive insight series, I invited Paul to talk about his ongoing impact in with young and emerging leaders focusing on identifying what is possible in their lives and bringing that possibility into action. By shifting mindset to what is likely given our limitations to what is possible, leaders generate significantly greater and more fulfilling results. Questions we explore: 1.Why is it so hard to “live in possibility” these days? 2.What does it mean to “live in possibility”? 3.What is the importance of adopting an attitude of possibility? 4.How did you come to adopt this sort of thinking? 5.How can I help my team embrace living in possibility? 6.How does living in possibility connect to leadership? Why is the connection important? 7.Why do people typically dismiss those that have this attitude?


Paul Pyrz

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Developmental Perspectives, Future of Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Trends and Strategy, Resilience


Bringing possibilities into action, Shifting mindset, Adopting a positive attitude, Connection to leadership, Positive mindset