Humans in the Loop: AI’s New Business Models

Season 9 Episode 50

Guest: Suchi Srinivasan

AI is disruptive. It’s already disrupting society, and is disrupting business faster than the internet did. It’ll disrupt you, too. But is that bad…or good?


The answer is up to you. Guest Suchi Srinivasan of Boston Consulting Group shares her comprehensive view of the effects of AI on business now – and in the near future. The bottom line? Artificial intelligence is a tool like any other: embrace it and adopt it wisely, and it can be a significant boon to your operations and for your staff. And it has the potential to finally solve food insecurity and other global issues that have plagued humanity for centuries.

Here’s what Suchi and Maureen cover:

  1. The new business models – and ethical dilemmas – AI brings to your decision-making;
  2. The role of technology in boosting your balance sheet…and in solving hunger and other global issues; and
  3. The persistent gender imbalance in the tech workforce, and what women can do to overcome it.


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Suchi Srinivasan

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