Humbitious: How to Be Ambitious without the Ego

Featured Guest: Amer Kaissi

A major myth in politics and business is that arrogant, over-confident people are better leaders.  But reality reveals the opposite: humility combined with ambition drives the best leadership performance – and that, in turn, improves the entire organization.

Author and Trinity University professor Amer Kaissi discusses the details with host Maureen Metcalf.  His new book, Humbitious, digs deep into the reasons the humble-yet-ambitious leader delivers the best results…for everyone from front line staff to the board of directors.  This isn’t academic theory; Kaissi studied real-world leaders from Napoleon Bonaparte to New Zealand’s acclaimed Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.  While narcissists sometimes do make it to the top, they’re the exception, and their actual performance (as opposed to their PR) tends to be less than stellar.

Fortune favors not simply the bold, but the humbitious!

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