Igniting a New Era – Thought Leadership and Innovation

Guests: Christopher Cooke & Sheila Cooke

Christopher and Sheila Cooke share an overarching purpose — “one viable planet”. They are focused on the release of latent capacities that equip humanity to cope with complexity and forge a world that works for all life. Together they lead 5 Deep, a specialist training and advisory company that is focused on igniting the new era through Thought Leadership, Innovation and Change. 5 Deep offers a principle-based approach that is outlined scientifically and validated through repeatable experience, with a focus on change management through leadership development, process optimization, and cultural facilitation, including the provision of supporting training and organizational development. 1. Why does the topic matter? Leadership and business effects everything. Our history, our future our lives. 2. What do we do? Seek out underutilized capacities in population today and grow those that can join on the mission 4. How do we do it? Create life conditions for people to thrive.


Christopher Cooke, Sheila Cooke

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Developmental Perspectives, Leadership Development, Organizational Transformation, Resilience


Coping with complexity, Thought Leadership, Leadership development, Organizational development, Innovation