Implicit Bias – What You Don’t See Hurts You!

Guest: Rebecca Heiss

We all have bias. In various forms, it’s built into our brains. But implicit bias creates a disadvantage for leaders and their organizations. Dr. Rebecca Heiss has studied bias extensively, and shares what implicit bias is and how it impacts each of us. As leaders, we need to understand and manage implicit biases because they impact our hiring choices, promotion and succession decisions, company policies – even how closely we pay attention to someone in a presentation. To truly ensure we hire and retain top talent, we need to remove bias from our decision making process as much as possible. During this show, Rebecca shares her research…and what it reveals about the ways we can beat the bias in our business, and our lives.

Here’s what Rebecca and Maureen cover:

  • What, exactly, implicit bias is – and how it taints your decision-making without you realizing;
  • How implicit bias goes beyond major strokes like race and religion, such as the seemingly subtle bias of “Blondes have more fun” which has deep effects in the workplace; and
  • The ways bias actually impedes how efficiently (and profitably) your company is achieving its goals.


Rebecca Heiss, PhD

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