In Your Power

Guest: Sharon Melnick

Season: 9   Episode: 8

Pushy. Manipulative. Lofty.

We have a lot of negative views for powerful leaders – but that’s not what real power is about. When a leader is in their power, they raise everyone around them. It’s the difference between simply having power, and being IN your power.

With her latest book, In Your Power, Sharon Melnick explores the ways women leaders, in particular, both grow and leak their power. She discusses those, as well as how turning down an invitation to the White House led to her epiphany about giving away your personal power, in this episode.

Here’s what Sharon and Maureen cover:

  • How and why we can redefine power as a force for good;
  • The three ways in which we’re not in our power; and
  • How burnout results not just from overwork, but from being underpowered, too.


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Sharon Melnick

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