Increasing Inclusion To Drive Results and Build a Better World

Guest: Troy Mosley

Troy discussed his newly released book: Unwritten Truce: The Armed Forces and American Social Justice. Inclusion is a good organizational practice. The global market is diverse. Having a diverse work-force is a strategic advantage because It provides any organization with a greater ability to understand various segments of their consumer base and develop products and services that will better resonate with these segments and therefore drive better results and higher impact. In for profit businesses – it drives higher and more sustainable profits. Troy talk about his journey as a man of African American heritage and his recommendations to increase inclusion and results. In addition to his story, Troy and Maureen discuss the challenges and recommendations to increase inclusion and address the recent challenges that are surfacing as the “Me Too” movement and many others. It is imperative that leaders create an environment that promotes a healthy environment!


Troy Mosley

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