How Influence Leads to Great Leadership

Season 10 Episode 10

Guest: Brian Ahearn, Chief Influence Officer at Influence PEOPLE

Employee engagement at work continues to nosedive. So how can you motivate your team?


Show them you care! That’s just one tool in the influence toolkit guest Brian Ahearn shares with Maureen Metcalf in this episode. Influencing people is a critical art in motivating people to engage in their work—and forge success for your entire team. It’s not about manipulation; that’s for poor leaders. It’s about very transparent persuasion. The theory is simple; the difficulty of putting it into practice is up to you!

Here’s what Brian and Maureen cover:

  1. The difference between persuasion and pre-suasion;
  2. Why keeping your focus on ethical influence is so important; and
  3. The three elements of ethical influencing.

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Brian Ahearn

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