Informed Leadership: The Power of Trauma

Featured Guest: Rachael Kelly

Every business has its ups and downs. But when trauma hits, the worst thing to do is ignore it. The best: tend to your people! Rachael Kelly watched the effects of COVID quarantine rapidly cascade through the restaurant industry…including at her organization: Smokey Bones. As a restaurant chain, the quarantine hit Smokey Bones hard — and almost instantly. That, in turn, created serious issues for servers and other restaurant staff. Rachael joins host Maureen Metcalf to reveal how they dealt with the cascading trauma…and, more importantly, how they turned it into an opportunity to improve their team environment and emerge even stronger. In fact, Smokey Bones holds multi-year certifications as a Great Place to Work.


Rachael Kelly

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Innovative Leadership, Resilience, VUCA and Disruption, Women in Leadership


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