Innovation – A Must to Deliver Great Outcomes in A Complex World

Guest: Julie Anixter

Innovation is much more than a buzz word – it is a critical capability for organizations and leaders to succeed in our dynamic environment! Julie is an expert in all facets of innovation. She has worked as an executive and a consultant to deliver great success. During this interview Julie will share her views on what drives successful innovation. 1. Many people are intimidated by innovation. Can you debunk some of the fear that only “special” people can/should be involved in innovation? 2. Share a bit about the process of innovation 3. What are the biggest enablers and pitfalls to success? 4. How might a leader prepare before launching a big innovation project? What are the absolute must do’s? Julie’s engaging stories and deep experience make her interview a must listen for leaders interested in building their capacity!


Julie Anixter

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Innovation, Critical capability, Dynamic environment, Innovation project