Insights from One of America’s Top Entrepreneurial Turn Around Experts

Guest: Patrick Rettig

For over 25 years Patrick has successfully saved many companies from bankruptcy. He is passionate about American entrepreneurs – the companies $20 million nder, which are the backbone of America.
In this show, Patrick will talk about what he has learned from his own personal struggles and the work he does with entrepreneurs.

1. Why does he do this work?
2. What is a successful entrepreneurial CEO to him?
3. What kind of people survive reorganization?
4. Is it possible to fail more than once and recover?
5. Can you teach people to avoid their own shortcomings or are we all programmed to fail in certain areas?
6. What is the difference in unfair and unrealistic expectations?
Patrick is highly energetic. He followed an unconventional path to his current role. His personal stories make his message highly compelling.


Patrick Rettig

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