Intentional Leadership in a New Work World

Guest: Monique Jefferson

Season: 9   Episode: 4

Are you a hybrid leader yet?

That’s what today’s work world demands. Most workers prefer work from home. Others prefer to be in the office. Still others like hybrid work: a combination of both. In this episode in our Connex Partners Executive Insights series, we ask—How do you lead people with such opposing preferences? And how do you accommodate the breadth of diversity in the workforce?


Monique Jefferson says the answer lies in being intentional. The Chief People Officer of NYC’s Community Preservation Corporation successfully guides her leaders into intentionality and inclusivity. Done well, your team will have purpose, passion, and perspective…all of which lead to greater morale and loyalty. She shares her methods with host Maureen Metcalf.

Here’s what Monique and Maureen cover:

  • The path to being an intentional leader in today’s hybrid work environment;
  • Why flexibility ranks higher than compensation in importance to today’s workers; and
  • The Three Ps, and their importance to your team…and you .


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