Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Level 5’/Teal Organization? – Part 2

Guests: Geoff Fitch & Terri O’Fallon, Ph.D.

This is the second interview exploring the idea of Level 5/Teal organizations. During this discussion, we delve more deeply into how we can foster the development of these leading edge capacities. Further exploring organizational shadow and integrative thinking, we will look at case studies, practical examples and interventions that support level 5 leadership and organizational development. ● Why are trust and safety important quality in teal organizational culture? ● Are level 5/ teal capacities skills that we can learn or do we just have to “be” a level 5 / teal leader? ● Exactly how can organization and leaders become more adaptive? ● What is organizational shadow? Why is it important? How can we identify it and work with it? ● What are organizational polarities and how to teal leaders and organization deal with them that goes beyond decision making or multiple bottom line? This exploration is important for leaders aspiring to reshape their organizations.


Geoff Fitch, Terri O'Fallon, Ph.D.

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Innovative Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Trends and Strategy, Organizational Transformation, Workforce Development


Level 5/Teal organizations, Adaptive organizations, Leadership development, Leadership reshaping, Organizational development