It Takes Nerve

Season 10 Episode 2

Guests: Martha Piper and Indira Samarasekera

“What do you expect with a woman?”

That’s the attitude our guests encountered on their leadership journeys – but, as Georgia O’Keefe said, “It takes a kind of nerve…and a lot of hard, hard work.” That nerve is exactly what Martha Piper and Indira Samarasekera developed. It served them well, with both becoming the first woman president of their respective universities.

In this episode, they share tips to help other women (and men!) develop the same combination of nerve, grit, and grace that made their time as leaders so successful.

Here’s what Indira, Martha, and Maureen cover:

  1. The importance of combining both grit AND grace to be the most effective leader;
  2. Why staying true to your principles provides a guiding star when decisions seem tough; and
  3. Going beyond mentorship to develop sponsorship in helping career advancement.


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Martha Piper and Indira Samarasekera

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