Jet Fuel of Talent Development Feeds Success

Guest: Doug McCollough

Building a talented workforce is a key element in growing our community. For Doug, being named in the TOP 20 for Amazon HQ2 is a wake-up call for the community. The question to us as a community – are we prepared to grow and compete with other communities that have other natural advantages? This ability to compete comes down to access to talent. As IT Leaders, who do we presume will come in to address this. We need to engage in this conversation and develop a new skill set for ourselves. It is up to us to build the community that builds sustainable talent flow. Doug discusses: 1. What do we want our community to look like in the future? 2. What gaps do we see? 3. What does the technology leader of the future look like? Who exemplifies that leader now? 4. What do we have in place now that can help provide the “jet fuel of talent”? 5. What do we still need to build? This discussion will be informative for leaders trying to build their talent pipeline anywhere in the world!


Doug McCollough

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