Joy at Work!

Featured Guest: Roxanne Brown and Edward Cook 

85% of employees worldwide are not engaged in their workplaces. That takes an obvious toll on morale…and productivity. What can you do?

Roxanne Brown and Edward Cook have some compelling answers. They cofounded The Change Decision, a change and culture consultancy focused on growing Joy at Work.  Their mission sounds simple, but after decades of disengagement, there is both art and science in boosting your staff. They’ll  explore insightful change leadership tips, including strategies for managing ongoing changes; what to do when facing change resistance; how to inspire teams and managers; and navigating deeply personal, complex feelings that come with being a change leader.


Roxanne Brown & Edward Cook 

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Innovative Leadership, Leading with Care, Organizational Transformation, VUCA and Disruption


The Change Decision, Managing Change, Navigating Complexity