Law & Order…& Leadership

Season 10 Episode 5

Guests: Rob Elkington and Les Sylven

To serve and protect: servant leadership takes on a whole new meaning for a law enforcement leader. Society’s expectations for policing have changed radically – for example, up to 80% of what officers do overlaps with what social workers do! Add calls for reduced funding, labor shortages, brutality…and gone are the days of simple “cops and robbers” policing.

But the leadership and hierarchy of policing have changed very little. So can law enforcement truly rise to the challenges of both reform and crime without new styles of leadership?

Guests Rob Elkington and Les Sylven have some very surprising solutions that go far beyond the stereotypes of the hardboiled police commissioner – solutions that any leader of a high-stress workforce will find extremely useful!

Here’s what Rob, Les, and Maureen cover:

  1. Why almost all law enforcement leaders have faced trauma – and how it can help them better serve their teams;
  2. How soft-skills like mindfulness are just as important as hard skills like firearms training; and
  3. If your mission is to serve and protect, servant leadership makes a lot more sense than old-school top-down management.


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Rob Elkington and Les Sylven

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