Leadership is Relationships

Guest: Kvon Tucker

Season: 9   Episode: 19

If there’s one key thing that’s common to all effective leadership theories, it’s this: leadership is all about relationships. Kvon Tucker distilled this through both academic scholarship and real-world experience at Netflix, Google, and Amazon. Those companies remain high-performing outliers because of their unique leadership culture, and an emphasis on relationships (and writing!) are key.

Losing sight of that leads to more than just sterile numbers on morale, low engagement, or layoffs. It leads to real pain for people, real depression, and – as Kvon saw – real suicide.


Kvon discusses all this, along with solutions for leaders who care, in this episode.


Here’s what Kvon and host Maureen Metcalf cover:

  • How an old school practice – writing – leads to innovation and better odds of project success;
  • Why truly effective leaders understand the importance of relationships; and
  • The reasons that, even with all the trappings of success, your job can still leave you feeling miserable and depressed…and what to do about it.


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