Leadership Lessons from Social Enterprise: Soles4Souls

Guest: Buddy Teaster

As leaders, many of us ask ourselves questions about how we can contribute to address some of the challenges the world is facing beyond our businesses with our very limited time. How do we select organizations that are trustworthy and well run and actually make a measurable impact on the long-term viability of the people they help? What can we learn about leadership overall from a well-run social enterprise that recently underwent a turnaround? 1. Let’s explore Soles4Souls – it looks like you are leveraging the model of doing well by doing good. Can you share more about the org and the changes you and your team have made since you took your CEO role. 2. How has the s4s micro enterprise model has evolved to increase impact…and why we haven’t changed faster 3. How do you measure impact in places where getting data (quantitative and qualitative) may be too expensive to gather? 4. How is partnership central to working globally in supporting entrepreneurship to help disrupt poverty?


Buddy Teaster

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