Leadership Maturity – A Key Differentiator

Guest: Beena Sharma

Beena will talk about Leadership Maturity, what it means, and why it is important for leaders and managers to understand the different stages of maturity. ‘Vertical Development’ or leadership maturity is becoming a hot topic. If you listened to our first show – Leadership 2050 – vertical development was a key theme underlying the concept of Strategist Leadership development. She talks about leadership development programs and gives practical guidelines for leaders looking to develop vertically. Listen to the conversation centered around these questions: 1.Many leaders have worked very effectively in the past so they aren’t really sure if vertical development is important for their long term success. Can you explain this framework a bit more? 2. What is the value in understanding and using the frameworks that underlie this work? 3. What can I do to develop vertically? Beena shares the framework and her stories to make this rich and valuable framework practical.


Beena Sharma

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Leadership Maturity, Vertical Development, Stages of Maturity, Leadership 2050, Strategist Leadership