Leadership Trends for 2024

Season 9 Episode 54

Guest: Christopher Washington

What will affect your leadership the most in 2024? We’ve identified seven trends you’ll have to contend with through the coming year.

Christopher Washington (Provost & EVP of Franklin University) interviews ILI’s CEO, Maureen Metcalf, to get the details on all seven. Knowing them will help your organization navigate the destabilizing effects of those trends…and take advantage of the opportunities they create.

Here’s what Christopher and Maureen cover:

  1. Why knowing these trends is takes the fear out of uncertainty – and anchors your organization with better risk management;
  2. How you must operate while straddling both the old world and the new: with one foot in old-school issues like war and geopolitics, and one foot in new-school issues like unbridled AI; and
  3. Through it all, why self-care and lifelong learning are the keys to staying on top of your game no matter how uncertain the future seems.

Here are the interviews Maureen referenced in this episode:


Christopher Washington

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