Leadership Trends for Future-Ready Leaders in 2022 and Beyond

Featured Guest: Christopher Washington

The pandemic didn’t destroy the old “normal.”  COVID simply accelerated trends that were already underway.  The best leaders see that, and are forging new paths to success for their organizations and their people.

The tables turn in this episode, as regular host Maureen Metcalf becomes the guest, interviewed by ILI Fellow and Franklin University provost Christopher Washington.  Drawing on her own extensive experience as well as the collective knowledge of the leaders she interviewed throughout 2021, Maureen reveals the six major trends for leaders in 2022:  from a reduced emphasis on results in favor of growing capacity, to the continuing labor shortage (and the need to retain your current employees by truly valuing them).  Whether you’re in a government, non-profit, or business sector, this is a must-listen for leaders worldwide looking for success in the new year.


Christopher Washington

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