Leading in Emerging Industries

Guest: James Brenza

By their very nature, emerging industries (such as EVs, private spaceships, and cannabis) present unique leadership challenges – and opportunities – rarely encountered in long-established businesses.  In addition to general entrepreneurism, you’re creating something new for the marketplace…and forging the team to shepherd it.

Emerging industries often lend a new twist on old businesses: they allow the opportunity to relook at established practices, sparking innovation in the business sector. James Brenza joins the show to discuss his venture into an emerging industry — and how that provided him with new challenges as well as the possibilities of new solutions.

Here’s what James and Maureen cover:

  • How disruptions in your personal life can spark your drive into new kinds of business;
  • Ways to navigate the uncertainty of cutting-edge industries when legislation isn’t consistent across the country; and
  • Why standards and technology remain vital components in emerging industries.


James Brenza

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