Leading with an Eye on AI

Season 9 Episode 43

Guest: Neil Sahota

You need help with AI. Artificial intelligence requires developing a new set of ten leadership skills. And fast!

Do you know what they are? Neil Sahota and Maureen Metcalf do. They share them in this episode, along with the risks you face if you don’t reskill your leadership team. For example, up to 1/3 of workers using ChatGPT don’t tell their bosses. And that opens your company up to a wide swath of potential liability!

Here’s what Neil and Maureen cover:

  1. The most important skills leaders need in this new Age of AI;
  2. Why dragging your feet on developing those skills and solid AI policies puts your enterprise at risk; and
  3. How the new book Innovative Leadership & Followership in the Age of AI is the perfect resource to get you started!

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