Leading With Vision: A Key to Successfully Attract Millenials

Guest: John Maketa & David Annunziata

In their new book, Leading with Vision, the authors explore trends in executive development and understand how creating a compelling vision allows businesses to engage the ever-elusive Millennial, effectively developing a framework and an actionable blueprint to help leaders nurture talent more effectively. They outline four approaches to leadership to create a compelling vision that others will unite around: Courage, clarity, connectedness, and culture. When brought together, these calculated leadership principles form a powerful strategy to create your compelling company vision. They will discuss: 1. Are millennials prepared to lead? 2. What is going on with women in leadership roles? 3. Who is in control, employers or employees? 4. Is employee turnover preventable? 5. Do they use assessments in the selection process? 6. How can our government attract and retain the next generation of A-players? What factors would help the government create a compelling vision?


John Maketa, David Annunziata

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Executive Development Trends, Leadership Framework, Leadership Approaches, Women in Leadership Roles, Employer-Employee Dynamics, Government Attraction and Retention