Leveraging Creative Conflict to Improve Impact

Guest: Mike Morrow-Fox

One of the key skills leaders consistently struggle with is conflict management. During this discussion, Mike will share a range of approaches to help leaders address difficult conversations and manage conflict. Included is a discussion about why leaders need to address conflict including the impact of “bad apples” on the team performance and also the impact of positive influences. Both are contagious, confronting bad apples is foundational to positive results. Mike then shares several models that help leaders think about how they will navigate the inevitable conflict they face. These models help leaders build actual skills to manage conflict personally. Finally Mike talks about building a culture that supports healthy conflict resolution. It is not enough for key leaders to have the skills, it is important to build the organizational aptitude and agreements about how it will navigate conflict in a manner that is generative. When conflict is addressed effectively, orgs thrive.


Mike Morrow-Fox

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