Leveraging Online Kajabi Platform To Build Thriving Brands

Guest: Travis Rosser

Many companies are facing a serious challenge in navigating the increased impact online platforms have to disrupt businesses – either enabling them or upending them. Kajabi is such a platform. During this interview, one of the founders, Travis Rosser and Maureen Metcalf discuss how Kajabi can be leveraged across a broad range of applications to support organizational and individual success. Kajabi offers a cost effective solution to building online training content that can be used to help companies connect and support clients, onboard employees, educate internal staff, educate clients and patients and many more applications. We hope this conversation challenges you as a listener to consider how you can use this or other platforms to enhance how you train internal staff and build stronger relationships with your customers. If you are thinking of starting a business, Kajabi is a great place to explore your ideas and test market receptivity.


Travis Rosser

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Developmental Perspectives, Innovative Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Trends and Strategy, Organizational Transformation


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