Leveraging Technology to Deepen Human Performance

Featured Guest: Brian Ferguson

The greatest story of the 21st century is not technology, but how technology will be used as a tool for deepening the levels of human potential. Brian talks about his work leveraging the most proven performers, time-honored principles and cutting-edge technology to develop unique performance solutions for a wide range of “arenas” – from medicine to agriculture. He will discuss the following questions? 1. Why has “innovation” become such a buzzword in recent years? 2. What trends are you focusing on and how do they impact organizations and leaders? 3. What is the archetype of a leader who is effective in a world of dramatic change and dynamism? 4. Why is “human potential” such a powerful concept in today’s global environment? 5. What challenges do all modern leaders face? 6. What is the most important trait of today’s leaders? 7. What are “The First Principles of High Performance” 8. How does technology serve leaders and make for more high performing teams? What is singularity?


Brian Ferguson

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