Making Sense of Changes in Higher Education

Guest: Dr. John C. Cavanaugh

John discusses new ways of going to college and “doing college”. Aspects of college that people will find familiar and some different. These differences now mean we have robust options to map skills to jobs. This can start in middle school through college to companies. We need skills across the pipeline that are thinking about the broader pipeline. We need everyone around the table to create alignment. John shares his thoughts on the following questions: 1. What are you most hopeful about regarding higher education in the future? 2. What skills do you see as required for the 21st century economy? Debunk the myths about what is available especially if we consider lifelong learning. 3. What are the delivery mechanisms that will support this education in a quality manner? 4. How do you balance cost of education, speed of education change, and quality? 5. You talk about testing of new approaches, what do you mean by this? 6. How should parents and students rethink education?


Dr. John C. Cavanaugh

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Different aspects of college, Robust options, Quality of education, Testing of new approaches