Manage Your Thinking to Improve Your Effectiveness

Guest: Gary Weber

Gary Weber and Maureen Metcalf talk about some recent brain research and how leaders and emerging leaders can leverage this research to gain additional capacity and also what recent research is DISPROVING: busting conventional wisdom. As we think about the purpose of this show, Gary’s work is perfectly tailored to help leaders rethink how they lead and for some, as we look at the brain consciousness connection – what it even means to be a leader.  Gary also connects his work with the brain to promoting happiness.  1) Why did you take up this work?  2) What was the question you started with?  3) Your bio says you did research at Yale. Tell us more.  4) How can we become much more productive and less distracted.  5) How do I stop the internal narrative in my head?  6) How does being less distracted and managing my internal narrative help me be more happy?


Gary Weber

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