Mergers and Acquisitions: Epic Wins and the Tactics that Create Them

Guests: Carla Morelli & Laura Hult

Carla Morelli and Laura Hult talk about mergers and acquisitions focusing on key factors that drive success and failure. They are seasoned M&A veterans, participating in many transactions and both have seen similar themes. This interview provides insights and recommendations to improve the probability of success for your next transaction – whether you are acquiring, selling or involved in the integrations.  50% – 80% of acquisitions fail to deliver intended results. We will explore key success factors: 1. Understanding the deal goals – the why of the transaction for both sides; 2. Working with the human factors that have the greatest impact (and M&A transactions fail without considering humans and dealing with their needs); 3. Navigating the organizational factors. The participants share their stories of success and their unique perspectives.


Carla Morelli, Laura Hult

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Mergers and acquisitions, Key factors of Success and failure, Recommendations, Probability of success, Organizational navigation