Mindfulness and Its Benefits in the Workplace

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Rich Fernandez & Peter Weng

Even before Covid-19, employees reported record rates of burnout and stress; Gallup studies show only 15% of employees are fully engaged at work. Organizations need well-being development for their employees. It is essential for today’s workplaces to provide well-being support, every bit as much as traditional professional development. Supporting the long-term mental health of your team can mean the difference between an engaged, collaborative and productive organization, or one riddled with toxicity and turnover. With 71% of U.S. office workers either curious about or already practicing meditation, now is the time to signal your long-term support for employees, and bring in the neuroscientifically proven benefits of contemplative practices, such as meditation.   Peter Weng and Rich Fernandez discuss mindfulness and employee well-being with Maureen.


Rich Fernandez & Peter Weng

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