Musician to Chancellor: A Distinguished Career in Both

Guest: Dr. James Moeser

During this interview, Dr. Moeser talks about how he grew within his career from earning a PhD in Musical Arts to becoming Chancellor of UNC. James chronicles his career from being an early civil rights advocate as an undergrad through the challenges of balancing being a world class musician to a senior university leader. He shares his unexpected success and also his unexpected losses. Through each step he looked to mentors and learned from role models (positive and negative) to shape his own leadership style. He also drew from his role as a church organist. He draws from the experience of developing buy-in to build involvement from volunteer church choirs. This is a wonderful opportunity to share the career journey with the Chancellor of one of the nations top universities.


Dr. James Moeser

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Coaching, Innovative Leadership, Leadership Development, Leading with Care


World-class musician, Chancellor of UNC, Leadership style, Unexpected success