Nationwide’s Journey to Build A Culture of Innovation and Continuous Learning

Guest: Guru Vasudeva

As a CIO with Nationwide Insurance, Guru shares his experience changing how the culture of IT to accomplish their mission. He discusses what they are doing to build a culture of continuous learning and innovation as they continue to expand the scale their agile and lean roll-out. Guru shares how the implementation has evolved since it was initiated in 2009. He compares how they began their journey and what they are doing now to continue to expand the scale as well as continue to evolve the leadership behaviors, mindset and organizational culture. He will discuss specific examples of how they have shifted how leaders behave and think about their work as leaders. Additionally, he explores several specific steps they have taken to expand their culture of learning including what is taught, who teaches and how the team self manages their own learning choices.


Guru Vasudeva

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Board Leadership, Future of Leadership, Innovative Leadership, Organizational Transformation, Team Effectiveness, Workforce Development


Culture of IT, Innovation, Continuous learning, Mindset, Organizational culture, Team learning