Navigating the Graying Demographic: Rock Your Age and Manage Intergenerationally

Guest: Karen Sands

Karen believes that “visionaries do indeed have wrinkles,” and that “older women will lead the way into the future as they meet the Greatness Challenge of our AGE. Women will shift the story on the leading edge of business, as innovative social entrepreneurs, change makers, leaders, and discerning, high-value consumers.” She fully owns her “destiny more than ever before: to empower people to rock their AGE; to help women especially, and the men that love them, to experience the power of Agelessness, so to shape a new story for our times.” “By the year 2020, 76 % of Americans will be 50 years or older. With age comes many challenges, but also a heightened appreciation for life along with a greater thirst for meaning in work and relationships.” As business leaders, we need to understand this demographic and how it impacts our workforce, marketplace, and clients. Karen talks about the Longevity Economy, the new story of aging across generations, and the potential business impact of new opportunities and challenges as our workforce changes. We need to have thoughtful strategies to navigate the new terrain of the future.


Karen Sands

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Developmental Perspectives, Future of Leadership, New Economy, Women in Leadership, Workforce Development


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