Navigating the Holistic Worldview membrane

Guests: Christopher Cooke & Sheila Cooke

This interview has 3 objectives: 1; discuss their latest work on Human Emergence; 2. explore how holistic informed practices are starting to emerge; and 3. provide a brief overview of the work Christopher and Sheila are doing development of skills and capabilities to facilitate and coach the implementation of holistic practices. We explore: 1. What is the leadership thinking required to address today’s “wicked problems” 2. What is a holistic worldview? How is it connected to solving “wicked problems” 3. How do we stimulate the development and realization of this worldview? 4. How are holistic management and Solonics (from prior interview) integrated to create this new holistic offering? 5. Explain some specific examples of how people develop this holistic worldview 6. How might our listeners go about developing a holistic worldview themselves?


Christopher Cooke, Sheila Cooke

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Board Leadership, Developmental Perspectives, Global Leadership, Team Effectiveness, Workforce Development


Human Emergence, Holistic Informed Practices, Leadership Thinking, Holistic Worldview Development