Non-Traditional Leadership Models for Our New Era

Season 10 Episode 1

Guests: Nathan Eva & Nicole Ferry

Your leadership training may be missing the mark.

That’s because most programs develop you as an individual – but, in reality, we work with other leaders in addition to our own teams. In fact, the most effective organizations foster collective leadership. Our guests Nicole Ferry and Nathan Eva point out that the best collective leadership incorporates multiple models and views from women, other cultures, and more…because the old MBA-style leadership just isn’t cutting it in this new age.

They point us in a productive direction in this episode!

Here’s what Nathan, Nicole, and Maureen cover:

  1. Why the concept of the solo, superstar, or individual leader is so outmoded;
  2. How to develop collective capacity in your leadership – and stop missing out on your industry’s top talent as a result; and
  3. Surprising non-traditional models of highly effective leadership, from gender-informed development to indigenous Australian culture.

Produced in partnership with the International Leadership Association:

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Nathan Eva and Nicole Ferry

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